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Water Purification System
Distribution Project

CERPD is promoting a free water purification system with the same water quality as boiled water to provide safe drinking water to African schools in Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya. Through the water purification system supplied by CERPD, non-renewable biomass and fossil fuels required to boil water can be used, and thus greenhouse gas emission can be reduced.

This Project was registered as a CDM project with UNFCCC in April 2019, and the first CER was issued in November 2019.

CERPD distributed about 30,000 water purification systems by 2020.



Cookstove Distribution Project in Africa

CERD is promoting a project to distribute high efficiency cookstoves for free to African families such as Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, and Cote d’ivoire. The use of cookstoves supplied by CERPD reduces the use of traditional fuels such as firewood and charcoal and reduces cooking time. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced accordingly.

This project has been registered as a CDM project with UNFCCC in March 2019, and the first CER was issued in March 2020.

CERPD have supplied more than 120,000 high-efficiency cookstoves by 2020.



Eco-friendly biofuel production project

CERPD is promoting a project to produce eco-friendly biofuels using microorganisms from exhaust gases generated in the manufacturing process. In 2017, we signed MOU with an eco-friendly biofuel production technology company and conducted a technological feasibility study on the biofuel production project. In 2019, on-site inspections of commercial plants located overseas were completed, and project financing and construction are scheduled in 2022.



Import and Export of biomass
(Wood pellets)

CERPD supplies wood pellets, a type of biomass used as fuel for power plants, industrial boilers, and household stoves. We help customers achieve their greenhouse gas reduction goals while using sustainable energy.



Peatland Preservation and Restoration(REDD) Project in Indonesia

CERPD is planning to promote a project to preserve and restore peatland, a huge carbon storage, in Indonesia, the world's third peatland holder. Greenhouse gases can be avoided by preservation activities such as preventing peatland from drying and fires as well as removed by conservation activities such as forest restoration.

This project will be applicable the scope of VCS's Agricultural Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) and aims to register in 2022 and issue the first VCUs. Recently, credits from REDD projects are in high demand for buyers due to high quality of SDGs and CCB certifications.
Therefore, demand and utilization, including CORSIA, are expected to be significantly high in the future.



Cookstove Project in South Asia

CERPD is promoting a project to distribute high efficiency cookstoves to households and restaurants in South Asia. Traditional stoves in South Asia are used by burning firewood and charcoal while high efficiency stoves supplied by CERPD have a fuel reduction efficiency up to 50% compared to traditional ones. Therefore, it can contribute to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from fuel combustion.



Ocean and Land Waste Recovery,
Recycling and Reuse in Thailand

CERPD has been registered as a sponsor and business participant in the "Second Life Thailand: Ocean and Land Waste Recovery, Recycling and Reuse" project, which is registered as the world's first Verra Plastic Standard. By providing financial incentives in addition to local collection costs, it induces voluntary participation in the region and maximizes collection. Then collected plastic waste is upcycled in an appropriate way, such as making sidewalk blocks through post-treatment processes, and used for community development.

The entire process of the project is carried out in accordance with the plastic standard, and based on this plastic credits can be issued to secure additional economic feasibility and offset plastic footprints. This project was registered in June 2021 and is being promoted with the goal of issuing the first credit in the first half of 2022.



Water Purification Project in Nepal

CERPD is promoting a project to supply water purification systems to families in southern Nepal, where drinking water infrastructure is scarce. The water purification system is installed directly in the reservoir to benefit many people, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of non-renewable biomass and fossil fuels needed to boil water. This project aims to register Gold Standard, but registration and issuance in Compliance Market are also being considered depending on the future direction of SDM by the new climate system.